The Wyndham Difference

Everyone is Unique. For over 20 years, the Wyndham Group has been helping clients realize their individual life goals. Whether you want to retire early and travel the world or enjoy valuable time with family and friends, we work with you to customize a plan and achieve your goals. Step by step, we get you to your dream.

Building Wealth is the core of what we do. At the Wyndham Group, our philosophy is simple. We are committed to an investment process that is disciplined, focused on quality, and suited to your time frame and risk tolerance. We are not speculators or market-timers. Our Wyndham investment portfolios withstand the test of time and allow you to sleep at night. Find out more in our “Investment Process” section.

Everything works better with a Plan. We firmly believe that financial success starts with the proper road map. A well-orchestrated plan guides you to your goals and keeps you on course. As part of our value added service, Wyndham clients benefit from our planning process which addresses the different milestones in life – debt, education, taxes, business interests, risk, retirement, cash flow, lifestyle and legacy. We call it the “Wyndham Life Plan” and it is explained in more detail under our “Process” section.

Let us Simplify your life. You are constantly being bombarded by changing news and differing opinions. No wonder it is so difficult to move forward in a confident manner. With over a century of combined financial expertise, the Wyndham team can cut through the noise and provide clear “real life” advice. With clarity comes comfort in your financial life.

It starts with Trust. At Wyndham, our overriding purpose is to foster an honest and open culture where clients feel comfortable and secure in their financial and personal affairs. After all, you are entrusting us with your financial future. We understand that trust is hard earned and we work every day to build long term, client centered relationships.

Service is the foundation. Underlying everything we do is our commitment to exceptional client service. Questions are answered quickly, solutions are found, and promises are kept. You and your family are treated with the respect you deserve. The entire Wyndham team lives by the motto “well done is better than well said” (Ben Franklin).

Our service starts with a no obligation, no cost consultation. Contact us and experience The Wyndham Difference.

Robert and Dr. Wilson talking to a client